I'm looking for a hook that can fetch exchange rates

I’m creating a simple code that takes exchange rates and multiplies them.
Does anyone know?

At what point do you want to receive this data?

I am modifying the seo template addon placeholder functions.
It seems to be when using placeholder and executing it.

if (empty($object_data['product_id'])) {
    return '';

$lang_code = !empty($object_data['lang_code']) ? $object_data['lang_code'] : CART_LANGUAGE;
$useless_auth = array();

$currency_code = ($lang_code == 'ko') ? 'KRW' : 'USD'; 

$price = fn_get_product_price($object_data['product_id'], 1, $useless_auth);

$currencies = Registry::get('currencies');
$currency_symbol = !empty($currencies[$currency_code]['symbol']) ? $currencies[$currency_code]['symbol'] : '';

 if ($lang_code == 'ko' && empty($object_data['formatted_price'])) {
        $currency_code = 'KRW';
        $exchange_rate = 1; 
        $formatted_price = $price * $exchange_rate;
} elseif ($lang_code == 'en' && empty($object_data['formatted_price'])) {
        $currency_code = 'USD';
        $exchange_rate = 0.00084; 
        $formatted_price = $price * $exchange_rate; 

if ($lang_code =='ko') {
    return  $formatted_price . $currency_symbol;
} else {
    return $currency_symbol . $formatted_price;

If I apply the exchange rate manually, it works, but I tried applying several hooks to apply it automatically, but was not successful.

Do you want to use different currencies per language in the store-front?

yes, that’s right.
It would be better if that were possible.

You can make necessary changes in the file which is used to display all prices in the store-front


Thank you Let’s try it.