If exists ( someone ) or ( someone else ) who knows a bit of cs-cart THEN please read

Does any one in here manage to Import images thru csv ???

Without to have to spend 100000000 hours on it?


lets see ho many ways i have tryied.

  1. I installed a cs cart product on a clean domain. (i ve done that 120 times until now)

    2.I give all the Read-writes-execute to allo Directories

    3.i did an export and evertyhnig its on the CSV

    4.I clean up all the rows excpet one on th csv i left only one product
  2. I replace the filename of product_image1000.jpg to MYIMAGE.JPG

    6.I placed the myimage.jpg on the images/backup/detailed_images folder
  3. I try to Import the CSV and chaneg the Image

    i ve change tha database to file system and i tryied everthing.

    i have import 7500 products so i am not a newbie and i have expirience 25 years now of programming.

    now lets do one suggestion.

    i think cs-cart team sould do the folow…

  5. Remove the option INSTALL DEMO CATALOG when you first install the cscart

    2.Put a read me file with the locations of images filenames and the DEMO.CSV on the clients PC

    3.ASK customer if he likes to import the products from CSV and let him DO IT on his own.

    This way you let the customer to Undesrtand the procces.

    Imagine if a person wich so mutch expirience cant handle it What about a newbie?


    From the other hand i undertsnad that the support is teh gredits for the company so the cant do it so easy for Us.

    Now i would like to tell you one more function who needs recreation.

    as i understand the procedure for the importing is realy silly

    1)first its reads the stream from the location you have put the images

    2)then creates the new image with a temp FIlename on the new location like images/detailed_images
  1. Then deletes the temporary file

    okey lets say you doing that once so no problem with the temp files but the true is far away than this,

    imagine that you have to import 10 products codes with common images

    lets say

    Product Code1 ; Myimage1.jpg

    Product Code2 ; Myimage2.jpg

    Product Code3 ; Myimage3.jpg

    Product Code4 ; Myimage4.jpg

    Product Code5 ; Myimage1.jpg

    Product Code6 ; Myimage2.jpg

    Product Code7 ; Myimage2.jpg

    Product Code8 ; Myimage3.jpg

    many products have the some photo sometimes.

    so the script CANNT rename the myimageTEMP987078.jpg to myimage beacuse the file already EXISTS on the dir and the Functions Hung and leaves the temporary filename on the location :slight_smile:

    i try to import 1000 pictures 3,4 times

    Then i want to my server and i discover 43.000 PICTURES on the detailed)_image folder This is Unprofessional.

    Something else

    Sometimes you get response timout if you not have a very fast connection

    how dificult is for the CS-CART team to put the command

    set_time_limit (9999999);

    On the index.php and in the admin.php so i dont have to do it all the time???


    i have more 1000 questions but as i am not getting answers on the helpdesk i will be posting my opinion in here.

    and as i see that the css cart have a lagg on the response i would like to ask what is the maximum response time from the support?

    if i ask a question today in how many days i will get the answer?

    i think the best think to do is…

    i have 29 days left

    Since i ask a qwuastion my TIMER STOPS until i get Answered

    otherwise there is no any good for the 30 days.

    thats for a start.

    regards to all pations in here :slight_smile:

    some with me.

[QUOTE]6.I placed the myimage.jpg on the images/backup/detailed_images folder[/QUOTE]

Should just be images/backup/

[QUOTE]1. Remove the option INSTALL DEMO CATALOG when you first install the cscart[/QUOTE]

Why? I for one don’t want to have to delete all un-necessary data.

Some things aren’t for everyone and if everyone were to put down how they wanted things to be in cscart, then this forum would be a lot larger in size/data. I don’t mean to be harsh or offensive but the questions you are asking/suggesting can easily be found by looking through and studying the files and how they work.

There are also plenty of people here that are willing to help you out with your questions (if they haven’t been posted before).