IE Specific CSS NOT working?

I’m trying to do some IE specific edits in the css file in my skin and it’s just not applying at all.

I’ve edits the styles_ie.css in my_skin/customer/ and it’s not working. As a test I’ve added a margin and padding of 260px to the body and still nothing at all? I’ve even tried to add my own IE7 specific stylesheet in the styles.tpl file and it still didn’t work. Any ideas at all? I’ve cleaned the page cache as well in the admin area. Nothing.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

add the following into skins//customer/common_templates/styles.tpl



This will display a warning to anyone using internet explorer 7 or earlier with a link to upgrade to a newer version.


That still is not working. Even when I uncomment that, it's not even working for all browsers.

I looked in my index.tpl file and it's pointing to my styles, but not my selected skin?

{include file=“common_templates/styles.tpl” include_dropdown=true}

So is it looking in /skins or /var?

Have you got a link to your site to have a look at.

Also try using ietester for testing your site in internet explorer you can download a copy here: IETester / Browser Compatibility Check for Internet Explorer Versions from 5.5 to 11 | My DebugBar


I'm currently using Adobe Browser Lab, VMware with XP and Vista both with IEtester same results on every single one.

It looks like it might have something to do with the page cache of cs-cart. Is there anyway to turn that off for the time being?Normally I just go into the admin area and add ?cc to the url and that does it. That doesn't seem to do the trick anymore.