IE Issues

We have a client that is using CS Cart V. 3.0.6 who has said that when he logs into the Admin area he gets a Browser Upgrade Notice and that his browser is not fully supported.

He is using IE 10 on two different computers, one running Win7 the other running Win8.

But he has another computer running Win7 and IE 10 and that works fine for him.

Is there anything we can tell him to get rid of this notice? It seems odd that he would have the issue on two separate machines running two different OS’s.

This should do it…


On a serious note, the notification should be displayed if the Internet Explorer version is below 8. Perhaps the computer(s), if correct in the assumption these run IE10, that Active-X blocking or Javascript is disabled in the browser. Simplest fix is as above…

LOL! I've bemoaned IE to him before as professionally as possible, but alas he's a solid MS man.

I'll mention to him about Active-X and JS, and recommend upgrading to IE11 on one machine to see if that fixes it.

I was going to check IE10 for you, but had to wait a few minutes to load it up and log-in to a store admin :mrgreen: . Actually, I get the same problem with IE10 when in Compatibility Mode. Disable Compatibility Mode and the problem is solved. Might be that, since compatibility mode in IE10 and 11 forces IE to use the MSIE7 user-agent.