IE 7 - 8 not keeping products in the cart


I’ve been looking around on the boards and tried different solutions and none of them seems to fix the bug we are presently having with our store.

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All browsers on Mac and PC work fine except for Explorer.

Adding a product to the cart show it, but as soon as we switch page or click on the checkout button, the product disappears…

It looks like a caching problem or some sort.

I’ve disabled the AJAX add to cart button in the Admin, I’ve tweaked the config.php file from the information I have found on this thread.

Nothing seems to work.

I did tweak some of the tpl, and added a new css using hooks.

I’ve updated yesterday to the latest version of CS-Cart but the bug is still there.

Anyone out there as been having these issues with Explorer?

I just deeply hate this stupid browser…

Thanks for any help that can come this way!


Seems like I’m not getting any replies…

Well with help form my server host, I might have found the problem…

Seems like IE doesn’t like 2 letter domain names.

So the cookie sessions are not saved when people add content to the cart…

[url]IE and 2-letter domain-names - Crisp's blog - Tweakblogs - Tweakers

If it can help anyone one of these days…

I have also been having a problem when people go to checkout, the items in their cart goes to 0. But it is not an issue with a 2 letter domain name.

Has there ever been a fix for when items are dropped in the cart if they try to complete the order as a guest? I have read several posts, and it is still a problem with me. I see that the last upgrade changed the config file, but I am having problems.

Saving the cart to the db and not using cookies will make a difference. Every major e-commerce site does this and so do most all of the shop carts. Vote for this change: [url][/url]

I have a similar problem.

A user is logged in.

When an item is added to the cart, the top navigation containing the View Cart, Number of Items in Cart, and My Account/Log Out functions “disappears”.

In actual fact, the top navigation is pushed lower on the screen. As the text is white, it is hidden in IE only.


That tells me that your skin probably has some missing code or an unclosed tag somewhere.

Have you tried putting your store back to “basic” skin and seeing if the problem exists?

I would maybe clone your store locally or on a /dev/ site locked down and use a copy of your db on a fresh CS skin with no mods and see what happens in IE.

May help to pinpoint your issue.