Ie 10 blinks on configured products

I have notice that since the ie 10 roll out, that on products that have a configure item with it, the ie 10 browser will blink a black screen as it loads the page. This seems to only happen to products with configured items. This does not happen in Firefox 20.21 or chrome 27.0 Another quirk is when I’m typing a new post hee rat the cs-cart forums the enter key will not take me down a line. thanks, David DeWitt cs-cart ver. 2.1.1

I've got the problem with the Enter key in the forum post field, and some other problems with the store and IE10, but I don't have the Configured Products problem with v3.0.6.

I just tested my configured products and they are displaying properly in IE10 with v3.0.6.

This may be just a problem with 2.x version. Here is a link to product page with the problem. [url=“Interlocking Wedding Rings 18″ Quilt Blocks - Jack Dempsey Needle Art”][/url]