I want to exclude the non European Union customers from paying tax fees

I want to know how I will set up the application in order the non European Union customers not to pay taxes fees.

It is possible through IP address or during the checkout of the order, when the customer will select a non E.U. country for shipping, can the VAT be removed for the checkout?


Only with addon? There's no other way?

There is, but this add-on will save some frustration while fumbling around with your settings. Also, it adds the possibility of entering and checking a companies VAT number. Well worth it.

Not done this myself yet but I assume

1; set a location called Rest of world (or whatever) and add the countries you want to ship tax free to in it

2; go to shipping/taxes

3; set the tax rate of zero and edit to include the location you have created based on delivery address Rest of world


Same solution that I posted in the Greek area for the same question :)

It is not so complicated.


Thanks a lot!