I Want To Add Exceptions To The Rate Areas

For example, a transport company delivers parcels to France, but does not deliver to a French city with the ZIP code XXXX.

I have created the Rate Area "France" where I added the country "France" and the Rate Area "DND" where I add the zip code "XXXX". Then I've created a delivery method "To France", where I set up tariffs for France and created a delivery method "call Required", where I add rate area "DND".

However, the buyer who specified the XXXX ZIP code is still offered the "To France" method and is not offered the "Call Required" option. What am I doing wrong?

In cs-cart (unless it's changed recently), you can't have overlapping destinations.

so if you have France (all zipcodes) and a DND (some set of zip codes), DND will never be seen because France already covers it.

Would suggest you have two separate shipping methods. One that has France and one that has DND. However, you might have to extend your France shipping method by excluding any postal codes that are in DND.

Please note that I sell software so I don't use shipping on a day to day basis. The above is based on my past experience helping clients and the logic could have changed since I last worked in this area..... Ecom may have more current insight....