I Too...

I agree with allowing you to read the posts as a Guest, this was a bit frustrating at first…

Development seems to be unlike any other system, they take there time and do it properly instead of releasing version with more bugs than you can fit on an a4 page like the others !

I personally would prefer to wait for an update in the knowledge that I know they have taken there time, done it right, fixed all the bugs found by their beta testers etc, so when its handlind all my sales that nothing is going to be broken & if it is, support is a few clicks away

The support team is very fast to respond, if you have an error they will fix it usually same day on a per customer basis.

They dont just tell you to wait for there next release !

Just my opionion so far of the system which already outperforms any cart Ive tried and thats with 1.3.3,

1.3.4 is going to make it jump above and beyond any other cart system making it similar if not better than one you would have to get custom built for your needs.

No other cart Ive seen allows options such as the product configurator (an example of such system can be seen on dell’s website, I bet they paid a lot more than this cart costs !

very well said sws, agreed on all points.

-better “way behind schedule” then coming with bugs & bugs…

you’ll be amazed by the jawdropping 1.3.4-version, which is coming out any day now, for sure, after 4 RC’s first!

o.t. 2 sws:what’s a car-radio-code? (yep, some peeps dunno, let alone my wife! consider that lol!)

yes, this cart is worth the wait. i have no problem with them being behind schedule. i would rather it be late and fantastic then rushed and horrible. they are a very good team with an excellent product

A Car Radio Code (more common in the UK & Countries like France / Germany)

is a security code to enable the radio.

Basically what happens is, if the battery is disconnected the radio will lose the code and prevent you from using it, each time its turned on it will prompt to enter the code. Codes are supplied as a rule with the radio however get lost over time.

We supply the original code based on the radios serial number so people can re-enable their car radios at well over 1/2 the price of main dealers… if that makes any sense…

One more note I would like to add to the Guest post…

CS-Cart dont work weekends as far as im aware, if you where referring to a slow response time this may be the reason. Everybody deserves a day off !

thx m8! loud & clear, i get the picture now! seems like a nice online business! good luck with it.

yep, even the guys from cs-cart deserve a break :wink:

I agree 100%

[quote name=‘Unregistered’]I too have great intrest in buying the cs-cart product, however have many concerns as to the furure of the product, from what it looks like the development is in a constent state of “way behind schedule” with updates/releases takeing much longer that expected to come forth. This is what it looks like as an outsider to the forums, perhaps if we could register and read all the posts it might help to get a better feel for the cs-cart product. Also security is of a great concern as noted in this post by others, and if development is slow to respond with fixes then where will that leave shop owners, I sent a message looking for more information, I sent a second and finaly got an aswer, slow communication and slow development?[/QUOTE]Wow. I take it you don’t develop software for a living? I don’t know of one software company that isn’t behind schedule. When developing software, the is something called a lifecycle. The real world lifecycle starts with a concept moved to an actual design. A programmer takes the design and used it as their specification and writes codes based on it. The programmer tests their own code. The code is now integrated into the product (a system) where it is tested by another person (in big companies, it is a software test group). The test person looks at the concept and design and creates test cases to verify the system meets the requirements. As bugs are discovered, the programmer corrects the code, tests and integrates it into another system for testing. The cycle contines until it is ready for “Beta” test. Beta test is where users test the system before it is officially released. These releases are called Release Canadiates or RC for short. Right now, 1.3.4 is a Release Canadiate for use by Beta testers. All that being said, CS-Cart is a small product so it is no doubt being developed by a few people or less. This means the CS-Cart people must do everything. I can tell you first hand that when you are writing or debuging code, and you have a dozen windows open tracking down a bug, it is very hard to stop what you are doing to answer questions as soon as they come in. Slow development means they are fixing bugs and making a stable product. Using the release canadiates shows CS-Cart is looking for quality. Quality is why I purchased it over many other carts I tested and security is very good. Actually, security is better than most other cart software out there. If you need better support, you will have to spend more money on an enterprise solution. From my experience, enterprise solutions have been a waste of time and money. I went for an enterprise solution in 1999 to convert an application to make it Y2K and get my data on the web. I spent $36,000 with ServerLogic for a months of development and ended up with nothing. My attorney ended up getting half the money back. I just wrote the application myself in 1 week using PHP and MySQL.

I will second that !

I do develop software for a living, and every comment made by “sculptingstudio” is 100% spot on the mark…

Have you even run Windows update lately :rolleyes: now theres a HUGE corporation who still cannot manage to release software without bugs & of course the main concern SECURITY HOLES !!!

Give the CS guys a break ! (I know 1.34 is now available) and so far all I see is a product which was worth waiting for !

If I find a bug, so what ! I know they will fix it when I open a support ticket.

Can you even do that with Microsoft and get a reply ???

The way I see it, the dev’s have actually turned out a major upgrade in about 6 months. That’s a pretty aggressive development lifecycle in my book.

I strongly support their decision to defer release until sufficiently debugged, and I’m someone who is desparately waiting on 1.3.4. But I figure it’s better to wait a few days longer than spend endless hours fighting with the program.

Another thing to consider is how receptive the developers are to customer input. I’ve had many contacts and no matter who I dealt with I always walked away happy. As far as I’m concerned, this is a great company to do business with and I highly recommend CS-Cart as a product.



And I, also, worked for a rather well known software developing company.

You must note… that release dates are NEVER to be taken literally. They are mere logical guesses at the time and while trying to factor in the “unknowns” can never truly factor them all. Release dates are more because of us, the end-user, then the developers themselves. As consumers, we demand release dates. we want progress. and since we cannot see what is going on behind the scenes, then release dates are all we have to go on. Though wonderful for us… they are a true hindrance to the developer. Nothing more distracting than the loud tick of a countdown clock… and distraction from the task at hand is the LAST thing we want when they our developing “OUR” software.

So make your judgment calls based on what you shall, but it is very advisable to exclude “timeliness & deadlines” from your list of what makes a good developer.