I need proof of Your SEO tactics

Ok here's a challenge to owners and moders on here.

Prove to me that the steps you have taken to improve your onsite SEO in cs-cart work.

It's as simple as that. I don't need links to what google says or blogs telling me what I should and shouldn't be doing. I want to know where you where before and where you are now with your reasoning as to why it worked.

My current site is well ranked in Google and I'm changing to cs-cart soon but I want to get my onsite seo right first time.

Well now, I'm going to just pass over my trade secrets because someone challenged me… right? However I do see your point!

It is not so much about telling your secrets, but maybe we can all benefit from mods and hints that we use to get our site better.

I personally focus on, or at least try to focus on, content, category structure, sef-url's, page title, snippets, you tube, g+, fb.

I was doing this before already with our previous system (Interspire), but with CS Cart I wanted to get a good start and focussed extra on these things.

My next item on my to do list is to provide correct meta description for each product.

What are yours?




You can use some of the free addons like the page titles to make it better work for you, also I always make some tweaking to images in order to have alt and title and off course you need to use analytics and google sitemap and google reach snippets.

Off course fb, g+, etc blogspot and all that.

Other than that it's content and only content. Learn how to write product titles and descriptions, like reach titles, descriptions with keyword in the first sentence use bold for keywords, keyword density etc…

And don't be fulled. It's all about competition in the keyword area.

You might do all that and get nothing cause your direct competition pays some guys to do keyword offsite optimization, and you will have to follow somehow the same tactic!


Perhaps I didn’t make myself clear, sorry for that.

I fully understand SEO, although I don’t sell this as a service I’ve been doing it long before Google arrived. I’m not asking for howtos I’m looking for reasons why I should not rely solely on cs-cart for effective indexing and ranking ? (purely onsite) problem is I’m having trouble finding well indexed cs-cart sites (but to be honest I’ve not really had much time to search).

All it really means is if you’ve used a plugin which one and did it work ? perhaps why you think it worked. If you know of a well ranking site let me have it, via PM if you like.

In my experience when it comes to websites people try all sorts of plugins and additions without knowing anything about SEO and after they don’t know if they have made any difference but they assume they have. To be honest I don’t see any plugins on here that will improve Google ranking or indexing so if I’m wrong show the proof :grin:


understood that, but what I mean with my post is that there is no special recepy for that not with cs-cart nor with any other CMS/cart software.

I have enough cs-cart shops in Greece in all kinds of commerce areas, and I use almost the same methods and plugins.

If you ask me ther is no patern. I have a furniture shop which ranks nr1 in Google Greece by the word Furniture in Greek and Nr 3 or 4 by the word Furnitures in Greek (plural). Furniture is a very high competition word in Greece.

Then I have shops in other areas that dont rank not in page10!!! Same software, very careful content, totaly different reuslts.

Only explenation is the competition and the mesures they take each time.