I like CS CART - BUT

My experience with OSC support goes back a few years and it might have changed since then. It wasn’t very good. I recall waiting a long time for a response. Since that time I became a development partner for another cart system much like OSC and after a couple of years of failed modules I bought a license for CS Cart and I can’t be happier that I did. I don’t spend my time trying to make things work and I can concentrate on what’s important, marketing and product development.

totally agree with Roban…

and since commerce solutions are very delicate applications… i wouldn’t like to have dozen of different developers inside my client’s store… as well as depend on too many “please i would like” questions in the forums…

(ps: i am an OpenSource fan and active developer anyway)

As long as you pay CS-Cart for support they seem to be fast and responsive, so far.

However they do not say much on the forums, but there are numerous volunteers that make this cart even better.

Choosing CS-Cart is a step in the right direction, if you want a cart that has a lot of functionality and features. I’d never use osCommerce in it’s current state, or any version of it. (I have many reasons)

We run one of our sites on CRE Loaded. To be honest, there are a number of nice features (e.g., SaleMaker and Products Expected0 but there is so much fragmentation in the code due to so many mods stepping all over each other. If you run it without further third-party mods, it is pretty nice but who does that in the osC arena. We are very happy with CS-Cart and pleased to see the rapid and cohesive improvement to the product.