I have problem in api urls

I could not find the exact link and always give the response. There is an error. What is the solution for this?
I put everything like documentation, but nothing without any response. Is there someone who can solve the problem for me?

Can you please specify what kind of problem do you experience? Which API are you trying to use?

I made the link in postman and did not find an answer. Can you help me to give you my information because I have my own link? If you can help, thanks a lot

Have you checked the documentation carefully?

Still no necessary information:

  • which endpoint are you trying to use?
  • have you generated and saved the API key?
  • what kind of error do you get?

I do my url like this
Am I correct ? If I’m not correct tell me how it looks

I followed everything to no avail. I didn’t find an request in the API. I want someone to chat privately to help me find my link.

As far as I can see, fores.com domain uses Wordpress not CS-Cart. Please clarify

No I creat this example , it’s just example not true
If I can send message I send my information for help me ?

Please check my answer in PM