I Have A Small Favour To Ask Of My International Friends..

Hi Guys, as some already know, our Cs Cart is based in Australia. I recently enabled the Cloudfront CDN in Cs Cart 4. To save on possible big bills and data charges when the free tier runs out, I've gone into my distribution and turned off the CDN for all countries except Australia and New Zealand.

I just want to confirm, can those of you based in Europe, USA, Asia etc see our website loading properly with images etc? - www.crushcosmetics.com.au Just a confirmation would be great thanks.



Hi Scott,




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Ah shoot, thanks Vali. Im now turning off the Geo Restriction setting. I was hoping the setting was “intelligent” enough to serve up the original content from my site for countries where I had disallowed the distribution, but it doesn't look like it. Seems I have to leave it on for all.

Loads ok for me!

The site loads ok now here after turning the CDN on for all.

Loads ok for me! Cyprus.

Loads fine here…CA, USA

Thanks Guys. I was trying to be clever with the CDN, save some money and only enable it for a couple of countries. Unfortunately, the Cloudfront app doesn't simply turn off and let the main website display in its abscence.

Dear Scott_C,

The site loads ok. Russia.

Best regards, Alt-team.

UK 06:30

looks good

RU 12:00

Everything is displayed properly

Loads bits slow here, for the first time.