I Have A Lifetime Licence But Today Getting A 30 Day Trial Message

I have a lifetime license with cscart. This morning when I log into admin I am getting cscart messages saying my 30 day free trail has expired

Anybody else?

I have left a message on cscart helps desk but I probably wont hear back from them until mid to late next week given today is Friday

My license information on cscarts dashboard is all good. My sense of humour has been stretched far enough cscart.

One of the messages is

Warning[color=#C09853]This [/color]trial version[color=#C09853] of CS-Cart shopping cart software is [/color]licensed for a 30-day evaluation[color=#C09853]. After this period is over, you must either [/color]purchase the full commercial license[color=#C09853] or remove CS-Cart software from your server.[/color]

Modifying, removing, hiding, or make this message barely visible is illegal and may cause legal action.

Been going on for years. Surprised this is the first time you've seen it.

In theory the current version has that bug fixed.

Please contact CS-Cart HelpDesk. They will solve this issue

Thanks for the replies. I've seen i before but thought it was resolved. Lifetime cscart user since 2006. Will wait to hear from the helpdesk sometime next week.

It comes and goes. Less and less though. Don't worry about it.

Is this due to a license verification server callback to cs-cart that times out? I wasn't aware cs-cart installations called home.