I Give up - how do you edit user group information in 2.0.9?

Been looking all over the place - so tell me…

Where do I adjust the membership groups I belong to as a user?

Also, this may be connected to the wider problem… how do I prevent incorrect discount levels from showing up to guests?

Also… how is it that guests are able to see discount levels that require membership?

Also… does registered mean ‘logged in’ - what’s the difference between ‘registered’ and all? Is it possible to register and not be part of a membership group?

Anyone know or been able to find the answers to these questions?

I ranted and state the problems I see happen with the upgrade of v2.0.9 regarding introducing of usergroup here: [url]http://forum.cs-cart.com/vbugs.php?do=view&vbug_id=1333[/url]

Honestly, this usergroup thingy in this upgrade at this stage, this time…is just wrong.

And adding oil to fire is the fact that they did not obviously see the need to test it thoroughly before pushing it out in this upgrade, especially when it is such a CORE functionality. sigh

Wow… thanks for directing me there… I seconded the motion.

A serious group of FAILs… this is leading to a new post.

I am going to go through every page and note all interface changes. This will also be a new post.

P.S. user groups are assigned thrugh the user groups tab on the edit user page…

I didn’t see it because I was trying to see if my admin account credentials were causing problems with pricing displays that no one else would see when visiting the site.

The admin account (user ID 1) cannot be assigned to user groups.

[quote name=‘jagorny’]P.S. user groups are assigned thrugh the user groups tab on the edit user page…[/QUOTE]

I think I commented on this in a post in the labs section. It would be nice if we could add users to a user group in Users->User groups (similar to how you can add users to the Subscriber list in Content->Subscribers).

I guess they think that all the stores will have customers requesting membership in user groups which are then approved in the “user group request” link.