i get a database error with all products on my site "Incorrect key file for table"


i keep getting a databse error everytime i click on products on my website the error file is as follows:

Database error: Incorrect key file for table '/tmp/#sql_1a06_2.MYI'; try to repair it (126)

this happens on all my products on my site, we have over 6500. i have tried clearing cache and optimising myh database but does not seem to help.

i have attached a screenshot of the error

dont know what to do, hoping i can get a solution here.



go into phpmyadmin and select repair database

How To Quickie: Repair MySQL Tables — PaulStamatiou.com


HI John,

thanks for that, it helped.


well it did for a day, that problem is back again, ive checked the databse file in phpmyadmin and thats all ok, but the website still come up with the error.

having a real problem with this, any help would be appreciated.