I cant order products, no Shipping Methods available

Hi again!, suddenly I cant buy products via API, it says that there is no available Shipping method, I’ve been looking at it for a while and I dont know what to do anymore, any help is appreciated.
So I have a Shipping method that is setted like this:

  • Price is calculated by customer’s address
  • Is available for all user groups
  • Rate Zone is Spain (the user is created with b_country and s_country in Spain, only that, no address, this works in my production enviroment)
  • User’s must spicify their address
  • Min weight is from 0 to 2kg

And the product is set with every shipping property to 0 and Free Shipping not marked.

Anyone knows what could be happening right now? Thank you for answering, if this doesnt work I think I will be trying to disable this check in the core files of CS-Cart

If your store a CS-Cart or Multi-Vendor?
Because if you’re using Multi-Vendor, you also have to allow vendors using certain shipping methods in their configuration.

The vendors created the Shipping Method on their own, and I did not see any option to allow anything in Shipping Methods.
Thanks for your answer

Is the shipping method available when placing order through regular means, not through API?

Yes, it was.
I had to set the full profile of the user for the call to work (I cant put the profile for the user before placing the order or at registering a user cause limitations of my app)
Thanks for answering

I dont know what are the limitations of your app, but if user does have access to the shipping method and the same user cannot access it via app, I think you should contact CS-Cart support.

I agree with you. By examining this directly in the installation, it will be much quicker to determine the root of the problem. Please feel free to contact us via the Help Desk :slight_smile:

Thanks to both, I managed to solve it on my own, I think it was just a isolated error (still havent encountered the same error on my production-like environment)

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