I cant manage to import xml feed using default cs-cart import option


I’m trying to import vendor products using cs-cart xml feed import via url provided by the vendor but it doesn’t show me the mapping fields to go further with the import, can anyone help me, here is the XML feed link (shorten) https://tinyurl.com/3x3xhnb2 I tried using admin-data import-products.

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Please try this value:


in the XML target node, for the import preset with this XML file.

Thanks, I did that but when push import it says that Vendor field is missing from xml. I converted the xml to csv to add Vendor column but import is getting the wrong prices ,i.e. 7999.00 instead of 79.99

Please, make sure you have selected the proper Price decimal separator for this import preset.

Can you please check the link and tell me what to do to import the products properly directly from xml file link with correct price ? Also, is it mandatory to ask the seller to add Vendor column on XML file ? Its a live feed generated by some plugin, I dont think that I can ask the vendor for that.

I tried countless *Price decimal separator but I still not able to show the proper price.

I have tried to perform the test import of this XML file and haven’t faced any issues. I have specified the node I’ve mentioned and set up the decimal separator:

Test import was successful and price is correct:

I’m having issues with category matching from XML file with my subcategories. I want to create all the need it subcategories and I need to match the xml categories with subcategories found on my website or to create it on import (vendor website categories must go under root level category “toys”, on my subcategories . Right now in order to make it work I have to make root level categories to match xml categories which is not good, I need that categories from xml to match subcategories from root level “toys” or if its possible to create it when import starts. How can I do that ?

Unfortunately, there is no such feature as category mapping in the import. However, if you want all the products in the import to have the same specific category, you can achieve this by using modifiers in the preset for the category field.

What value should I use on modifiers ?

Since I don’t know what exactly you are trying to achieve, I can recommend you to take a look at the if and case modifiers.

What I want to achieve is to import the products on the existing subcategories or to create them automatically on import under ‘toys’ category.

I don’t understand how the add-on works by default like that not been able to map the categories because any import from any exported feed should go to the store existing subcategories, not to the categories as all stores have subcategories. In my example the store that generates the xml feed sells toys, so they have categories and subcategories which seems impossible to import it on cs-cart using default import feature.

In this case you can either use the if modifier and make all the imported products in this preset to be imported into the Toys category:
if($value, 'Toys', 'Toys')

Or you can import them without any category at all and later, change their category manually.

I hope it will help you.

Thanks, it works smoothly! But is it possible to automatically create new subcategory1-subcategory2 (under toys category) using modifiers or other method (or at least to create one subcategory) ? This modifier if($value, 'Toys', 'Toys') drops all the products under ‘toys’ category which will not allow clients to filter products by category/subcategory. Or maybe to import the attached categories while on import to add multiple modifiers that will add the product to certain categories ? Please check part of the xml content that contain vendor categories and subcategories (converted to csv to see whats inside) , there are quite a few so it takes alot of time to manually add it and attach the products later on. categ.csv - ZippyShare

I can see that if I import the products via store admin panel (without any modifier) it will automatically create the categories from XML feed but as main categories instead of subcategory to “toys” , is there any way to create them under “toys” category as subcategories or even better when is the case even 2 subcategories as on xml ?

The vendor have over 1500 products, its impossible to access every single product and select the proper subcategory :frowning:

I’m not sure if I fully understand what you’re trying to achieve but let me see if I can help. In your example xml file, you can use the categories_path field and the replace modifier to submit the entire category/subcategory path.

replace('Home > ', 'Toys///', $value)

Well , you just made my day ! Thanks a lot for taking time to help me, your solution works like magic :magic_wand: :magic_wand: !

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