I cannot place orders from multiple vendors at the same time

Ok, guys… it’s getting funny. Not. :persevere:

I have already invested countless hours in the configuration, of course also a lot of money in licenses and somehow i am going around in circles. :roll_eyes:

I wanted to go live with my mutli vendor marketplace next week.
So i’m testing everything possible again. So far so good.

Now i just noticed that i can see several products from different vendors in the shopping cart and during checkout and apparently i can also order them (only the payment method “phone ordering” is activated).

Number of products: Ok
Price of the products: Ok
Tax of the products: Ok
All ok. :+1:

That all works fine. Including order prodcess and e-mail notifications. :+1: :+1:


I wanted a necessary “virtual” product, that includes all the legal stuff of a vendor (pdf of terms, pdf of product handling, etc.). This product is NOT managed by the vendor, it is managed by another vendor (the marketplace vendor, like me). This is due to legal and administrative reasons, among other things.

So, when a customer puts a product in the shopping cart, then the virtual product is also added.
On the checkout page, I see two products: The vendor product with price and the free necessary “virtual” product.

However, after clicking on “order and pay” only one (1) order to one (1) vendor (mostly the vendor of the digital product) is processed. :scream: :scream: The rest of the order from the other vendor or other vendors is completely ignored AND not even saved as an order. :sob: :sob: :sob:

What is active or not configured again?
This only happens when i add the necessary virtual product to a vendor product and want to buy this product.

Does anyone know this behavior?
Is there a setting wrong?
Is this a bug? @CS-Cart_team

Please for urgent help.



Could you please clarify, what do you mean by the:

virtual product

And how is this product added to the cart?

I mean the “files to sell” tab, when I create a downloadable product.
See How To: Create Downloadable Products — CS-Cart 4.15.x documentation

However, in my case I have a vendor product (vendor A) and I want a required product from my own vendor store. In this required product I uploaded some pdfs to the tab “files to sell”, as they are to be made available to the customer after purchase.

This scenario works only, if the required product belongs also to the same vendor (vendor A) of the product.
If i assign it to myself, then only the necessary product is taken into account in the order. So no two orders (vendor A and my vendor store) are triggered, but only mine.

Product from Vendor A + required product from Vendor A = works
Product from Vendor A + required product from Vendor B = dont work

In CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor, you can attach files to products and there is a corresponding Attachments add-on for that.

It could be instructions in PDF format specifically. And please be aware that it’s also possible to attach files using product import functionality if you want to attach files in a bulk.

Does such a scenario cover your case? Perhaps it’s an easier way to add files to the products.

Attachments appear in a separate tab on the product page:

Attachments will not get lost and customers can always refer to the instructions or manuals directly from the storefront without having to log in.