i am trying to create a new gateway for a client of has a bought copy and have a question.

Well i've follow the code alot for many hours now.

i've managed to understand alot one thing i dont get is …

$lang.account or other variable … where are they defined ? are they in a database ?

if not how do i defind them before using them ?

there is a huge late of documentation about the cart and developement.

Did you try the administration panel? Administration > Languages

Anytime you see a template variable like {$lang.account} it means that it is a language variable stored in the cscart_language_values table and can be modified in the admin environment via Administration/Languages. Just (in this case) search for 'account' and then find the one you want. It will search both the variable name (account) and all values for the language that is set in the admin area.

Thanks both i read some more and understood that they use smarty as their tamplate langge - a languge i did not know of before.

I am now looking to find out what some hooks are doing.

i mean since the lake of documentation, i am creating my gateway by following paypals footsteps,

i manage to forwart the client to the gateway with the right variable and a payment is done, however when being redirected.

there are some stuff i am having trouble with.

and several functions like: check_payment_script

and some others that paypal's script use that i cant find any documentation about.

Any help would be extremly helpful.

I got warn status ? for what ? may i ask what have i done to deserve it ?