I am looking for a php/my-sql programmer to produce a basic CMS for me to integrate w

I am looking for a php/my-sql programmer to produce a basic CMS for me to add onto the side of CS-Cart.

I want to create a product in CS-Cart as normal, however I would like to place a script in the ‘Full description’ field that will refer to a related record in a new table.

The new table will contain fields such as:

  • Brief Description
  • Link to Datasheet
  • radial button for internal or external link
  • Link to Operating Instructions
  • radial button for internal or external link
  • Bullet Points
  • Technical Specification

    When the CMS is accessed, a list of products from CS cart appears.

    Selecting a product shows the information from CS cart, as well as the information from the related record, if already entered, in a form. The related record can then be created or modified accordingly and can be submitted back into the table.

    The script in the CS-Cart ‘Full description’ field will display the product information on a predefined format.

    If a field in the related table is blank, no information will be shown for this field on the product information page.

I guess I’m a bit confused… can’t just just add the fields that you want in product features and put the information in there for each product?

The problem with the product features option is that the information is displayed like this:

and I want it to like like this:

At the moment, I feed the info into a filemaker database, it spits out a code which I paste into the ‘Full description’ field on CS-Cart

Doing it through a CMS on the site easily allows global changes to format and makes it looks much neater for different types of products & services. It also increases accessability.

If it is possible to do this using the product features fields this would be good, however I would still like an external CMS to link into the CS-Cart table as I think it will give me the following benefits:

  • Safer for use by employees (stops records from being deleted)
  • All the info and available fields displayed on one page
  • Allows changes to be reviewed before upload to CT-Cart table

I have downloads like manuals and instructions for my products as well. I used Snorocket’s Product Tabs mod that is available at http://www.snorocket.com to accomplish this. Basically all I did was add a tab called downloads and made my links inside that tab. Everything funtions nice like this and it is kept organized as well.


Thanks Brandon, I have made a dnoation and am waiting for the download link as we speak.

I would like a stand alone module as well though, do you have any contacts who could help me on this one?

I am really looking for conditional formatting on the full description field from a stand alone page.

Satrex are you using the latest version of CS 1.3.5 sp4 or are you using sp3, let me know, Thanks - Sno

Satrex - you can do this using the tabs expansion. I have used this to programmatically add a global zoomify tab.

However a slight modification is required.

First, create features that will hold your URLs. Make them hidden.

Second, when you install the product_tabs mod, you will need to modify a few line in skins/CUSTOMERSKIN/addons/product_tabs/product_tabs.tpl:

{foreach from=$tabs item="tab"}

{if $tab.main_pair.pair_id}

{include file="common_templates/image.tpl" show_detailed_link="Y" obj_id=$tab.tab_id images=$tab.main_pair object_type="common"}

[COLOR="Red"]{eval var=[/COLOR]$tab.tab_text[COLOR="Red"]}[/COLOR]


After that, it is possible to refer to smarty variables within the tab description text.

However to do what you are asking, I found I had to iterate through feature description/value pairs - which means including something like the following:

{foreach from=$product.product_features item="pf"}
{if $pf.description == "[I]feature_name[/I]" && $pf.value !== ""}

(here's where you do fun things using $pf.value)


What this will do is allow you to have constant feature fields that you can use across all products - and then link the product to the global tab whenever you need it to show up.

You can expand this to include a lot of formatting options - with features it is a little cludgey because of how the arrays are assigned.

If anyone knows how I can reference the features array without iteration I’d LOVE to hear that…