I'm Disappointed With Latest Updates

Seeing what has been done for other e-commerce software, it's hard not to get angry.
While others offer free PWA themes, Cs-cart is still dealing with product reviews on major versions.
Even a simpler CMS supports webhook.
But Cs-cart is still after the renewal of the admin plugins page that nobody cares about.
Cs-cart just starting to think of plugin improvements, like comments he should have made five years ago. "Buy together" and "Bestsellers" are sorely needed.
They sell mobile apps, 50% compatible with the site.
I really got tired of cs-cart and the innovations that it could not keep up with.
I am sure you will delete this title, you cannot accept any criticism anyway.
But you can buy this product for such high prices. Too bad we didn't get anything as much as other free apps.
If it goes like this, I will risk everything and move all my customer sites to a different channel.

If you're not happy with CS-Cart, feel free to move to another platform. Freedom to choose is an awesome thing.

If cs-cart doesn't fix itself within this year, you can be sure I will.

All the new features are defective, they fix bug too late for old addons
they adapt to new technologies too late.
and indeed the prices are too high.
check this
Wow! CS-Cart Multi-Vendor Wins Another Leader 2021 Award from Crozdesk | E-Commerce News and Guides (cs-cart.com)
cs-cart says we are leader.
but check top list
eCommerce Solutions Software Awards 2021 (crozdesk.com)
I don't intend to spud cs-cart, but it doesn't go like that.
Such an expensive software needs to do better work and apply new technologies instantly.

I think some users started getting frustrated by the awkwardness of the upgrade and functionality after 4.9, the shipping problems, and such like. Many many users here said lots of the functionality wasnt good, but it seemed CS just closed their ears.

this is one of the reasons I have held off upgrading, and yes am teetering whether to start looking around at other offerings too.

Even this forums seems eeerily quiet to what it used to be like.

Every major version update is a complete disappointment for me.
while we expect different things from them. They appear in front of us that we are refreshing the addon page.
All of the plugins developed especially for the multivendor must be overhauled from beginning to end. but I don't think they will. they will say only
"working as designed"
The only thing that keeps cs-cart alive right now is alexbranding top quality plugins. Otherwise, the point where cs-cart has come is even worse than free versions

Unfortunately, I'll have to close this topic and hide/edit some of the replies.

The topic has gone from discussing CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor (which is ok, no matter whether you're satisfied or disappointed with the product, as long as the criticism is constructive) towards discussing other eCommerce platforms (which we don't do here).

I'll go over the replies that don't concern other platforms and address some of the points raised here. The answers will be edited into this post of mine, or in the next one.

As someone who checks the forum regularly enough (even if I can’t read or reply in every single topic), I understand why you feel that way. What I say here probably can’t change that, but it can explain why things are as they are.

Alas, we can’t always provide “everything that any other CMS has, and more”. Nobody can. If someone made a product like that, it would conquer the market. Even then, there would be room for competitors “who do that one or two things better” (simply because of the scope).

When many people use the software, they have many different expectations from it. Implementing everything at once is impossible, even for large corporations. So we make changes step by step, and we have to set priorities. “Product Reviews” is one such thing that we’re overhauling now, after multiple requests from the community. The next big change will probably be related to vendor panel and its ease of use (although it’s too early to say for sure).

Now to the bug tracker, overhauling add-ons (like “Buy together”, “Bestsellers”, etc.), and the “Working as designed” status… As you know, we’ve set a rule for ourselves to fix bugs in 45 days. That timer starts once the bug is confirmed (the fastest way to get it is confirmed is to contact us via Help Desk).

That “45 days rule” creates a fine line between:

“the functionality that’s already there and should work (except that for some reason it doesn’t)”


“the functionality that wasn’t there before, but would be nice or even essential for my business”

The first will usually be confirmed as a bug once checked. The second is important too; but we can’t guarantee to implement every single request for new functionality within 45 days from reviewing that request. That’s why such requests at the bug tracker get labeled as “Working as designed”. Even if we don’t change the behavior immediately, we track such requests as well. So eventually, when we overhaul certain functionality of the product, we take all that feedback into account.

So, “Working as designed” often means: “That’s a perfectly valid point, and we’ll keep it in mind for future versions. I’ll be sure to let the team know. Unfortunately, I can’t make any promises yet as to how and when it will change. That’s because plans may change, and I’d hate to make false promises.”

As for applying new technologies… I’m pretty sure that any developer would prefer to “get rid of all the old stuff and and use bleeding-edge tech”. But that’s balanced out by the need to make it easy for existing CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor users to move to newer versions and get new stuff. If we made radical changes to our code every release, third-party add-ons would require constant reworking as well.

That’s why we focus on backward compatibility and the ease of updating add-ons for 4.x.x versions. All the big changes that break backward compatibility are reserved for version 5.x.x (as recommended by semantic versioning).

We don’t usually announce big long-term plans. That’s because the situation and priorities can change. That’s why announcements are usually made when a product is close to release. But we often get questions about version 5.x of CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor, so… yes, we’re working on it.

Its focal points are planned to be:

  • “Mobile first” approach to design.
  • “API first” approach to architecture.
  • Performance and scalability.
  • Ease of development (to allow for more add-ons and themes).
Once we can tell more about version 5, we’ll let you know.