Huge problem!

We noticed that some of our products started to dispappear from search engines. Google webmaster indexes about 1200 out of 2500 products. (we have the Google sitemap mod installed)

We have had many SEO experts check the site over but to no avail and most are still baffled but I think I have found the problem. Question is - how to fix it!

We had a category called ABC but we changed the category name to DEF a few months ago.

A couple of days ago I noticed that when I hover the mouse over the DEF category button the URL displayed by all browsers (in the bottom right corner) is ! It looks like the 1300 products not indexed by Google is in this category! So to test my theory I moved a product out of DEF to a test category and the very next day the product was indexed !!!

Does anyone know what the fix is?



Check that the seo name in the renamed category has changed to reflect the new name. If not, delete it, and when you save the change it will auto rename as the new name of the category.


Go to


enter category want modify

Select Addons tab

Empty SEO name: field and save.