Https In Description Not Showing Insecure

Just a question really,

One of our guys added hundreds of links in our product description tab to our manufacturers website for spec sheets they have for products using "rel = nofollow" in the link, so customers can download the sheets.

I noticed today he added them all as http:// and not https:// when I checked them, in the browser they dint generate an insecure content warning. Also the same with links to, they too are only http.

Its an easy enough fix via import export but was wondering how come these are no longer generating insecure warnings on my browser, anyone know.



Which browser? Chrome should see them as insecure on your secure pages.

Suggest to your provider that they use '//: instead of 'http://' assuming they support https access to their data sheets.

The following queries can also help you

UPDATE `cscart_product_descriptions` SET full_description = REPLACE(full_description , 'http://', 'https://')
WHERE full_description LIKE '%http://%';
UPDATE `cscart_ult_product_descriptions` SET full_description = REPLACE(full_description , 'http://', 'https://')
WHERE full_description LIKE '%http://%';

Thanks, I changed them all, but whats the deal with :// vs //: Tony

Must have been a typo. It should either be 'https://' or simply '//'.

The '//' will use the currently active protocol for the browser session. It's a shorthand for the browser to use the proper protocol based on context.

If I'm on an https page and the anchor src="//" then that will make the request to ';new_page'and if http, then ''.

So it's a way to get around having to guess at the context or add conditions based on context.