HTTPS configuration - login page


I am with a problem in HTTPS content.

When the client visit pages in HTTP everything works fine.

For example:


So, when client click to LOGIN to the Store PROBLEMS start.


When you click in the LOGIN button… the address bar is like a HTTPS address

and goes, automatically to: (HTTPS)

And you can see nothing in the browser (all page is blank).

I asked my server provider and support said it was a software issue, not in the server. Maybe a configuration in HTTPS.

I know that in Administration area, in the admin panel we can setup SSL configuration.

I think there is somewhere where you can adjust content in HTTPS protocol.

I want my LOGIN page works in HTTPS, but I need client can see all pages when loged in.

Cart version: 2.0.12

Firefox version: 3.6.3

What do I do to navigate in the website?

I insert the login data, click in the button LOGIN and after it I click in “back” button in the browser. But sure our clients will not do it.

I need to make something to fix this problem.


I made some tests.

This problem is happening only in FIREFOX browser. In IE nothing happens.