HTML tags showing as keywords in Google WMT

Hi, I've recently launched a new CS-Cart 3.02 website and noticed in Google webmaster tools that many of the 'Content Keywords' for my website are HTML tags e.g. 'span', 'style', 'font', Verdana' etc.

Does anyone know why this is happening and how i can stop it?

Could someone please help me with this problem?

If you are using CS-Cart 3 could you create a new product and add several lines of text to the full description, then format the text to something like verdana font using the WYSIWYG editor. Save the product so it's live and then go to a keyword density checker website, such as Keyword Density Checker

Are you seeing the HTML tags (e.g. 'font', 'style' etc) as keywords?

I've added the exact same HTML code created by the CS-Cart editor to a Joomla website page and run the keyword density checker and it does not show any HTML tags, which is what i'd expect.