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Hello to all,

I was wondering if any body can please help me with locating the file that holds the html for the admin login page. I would like to change the links in the help box on the left of the authentication box or completely remove it. I can see the links when i right click on the page and view the page source but i cant find the file that contains that source.

I will appreciate any help…

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the actual contents of the side box are located here where you can change the values of the links:

skins/(YOUR ADMIN SKIN)/admin/side_boxes/help.tpl

note: backup your original BEFORE you attempt to change stuff

Removing the whole help box is a little more complex…

thank you for your help.

any tips on how to remove?

haven’t quite figured that one out yet…

i imagine its an “if” statement somewhere…i’ll keep looking

[quote name=‘Glenn’]thank you for your help.

any tips on how to remove?[/QUOTE]

This is just quick and dirty…

BACKUP your existing files BEFORE you make these changes

in skins/(YOUR ADMIN SKIN)/admin/side_boxes

in your favorite html editor create a new .tpl file called help2.tpl

put this at the top just to help you remember what it is

{* $Id: help2.tpl 1462 Sunday, August 19, 2007 1:26:15 PM MOD $ *}

NEXT open your main.tpl in your skins/(YOUR ADMIN SKIN)/admin/

and change this line only

```php {else}

{include file=“side_boxes/orders.tpl”}

{include file=“side_boxes/catalog.tpl”}

{include file=“side_boxes/users.tpl” }

{include file=“side_boxes/shippings_taxes.tpl”}





{include file=“side_boxes/help[COLOR=“Red”]2[/COLOR].tpl”}



by adding the "2" after help

Upload the 2 new files into the appropraite directories and there you go.

it works OK on my setup as you can see...