Htaccess and index.php file can not be modified

Hello ,

since yesterday, I can not access administration on our I can not view, edit or delete index.php and htaccess file from /public_html/
both index.php and .htaccess files have 444 permissions . Even if I modify permission to 644 , after refresh , both files go back to 444 permission.

if I try do overwrite with a new index.php file… new file are almost immediately became identical with older one …

last days I upgrade PHP from 7.4 to 8.0… can be this a reason fro this behavior ?


Have you contacted your hosting company’s support team? They would be best positioned to answer this.

Looks like you have no rights to change permissions. So ask hosting support to do it

permission are corect, but folders are infected by malware, now we try to clean it.

after scanning with imunify360, a lot of folders from

was affected

do you know a cleaning tool ?

I don’t. But once again, if this was me I would be asking my host to do this.

they can clean in bulk , but some parts of code can be legitim , but malware agent will delete all.

a specific cleaning tool will be usefull .

CS cart just release v.4.16.2 SP1 with similar potential vulnerability

Earlier this week, we sent an email about this issue. We received word of a major security issue in all versions of CS-Cart 4, including 4.16.2. This vulnerability could potentially let an attacker upload a PHP file to the server and execute it. We are not disclosing more details, because to our knowledge, the vulnerability hasn’t been exploited yet.

maybe we are the only one with vulnerability exploited :slight_smile: