HSBC - CPI Hash Key?

Hi All,

I wondered if someone could point me in the right direction.

I have setup CS-Cart as used it on a few websites now, however I have recently setup a merchant account with HSBC.

I have put in the ClientID

But Im unsure how to generate or where i get the CPI Hash Key from?

I contacted HSBC and they told me they dont give it to me and that CS-Cart gives it to me?

However after more googling, some people say you generate it on the HSBC websites and others say you generate it with the software HSBC give me?

But Looking over the software provided by HSBC, these are basically the files already included in the hsbc_files under the payments folder in cs-cart?

It would be very much appreciated if someone could help with this as hsbc seem to be no help at all right now (very dissapointed with them).


I might ask helpdesk about this. You do own a few licenses, might as well use it. Considering they created the payment method, they should be able to give you a quick answer.