How To Utilize Inveltory With Size Choices

Let's say I have 10 “variants” of color of caps that I sell. And I'd like to keep track of inventory. How do I do that?

I know how to use inventory but not with variants.

Inventory tracking with options…

Thanks Tony, but where and how.

I don't use it so I'm guessing here (not very useful for software), but one of the options for inventory control on the Adminstration/Settings/General page is to “track with options” or something of that nature.

Actually it's in the product details page.

Actually, I think it's in both. The Settings one is the default and then it can be adjusted on a product by product basis. But like I said, I don't use it…


  1. After creating a product, go to Options / Add Option Tab.

    2.1. Create 1 Option, in your case called COLOR. Chose the way your customer wants to switch or pick colors, from type (selectbox / radiogroup / checknox).

    2.2. Then, go to Variants Tab, and start creating one by one variant: White, Blue, Black, Red, Green etc… (you can also add images)

    2.3. Click Save and go back again to Edit your option recently created (COLOR).

    2.4 Now you are able to check Inventory. Check it and Save.

    2.5 Go to Option Combinations and Add Option One by One, from your colors (use the + sign).
  2. Go to General Tab and click Track with options. Save the setting.
  3. Go to Options Tab / Product Combination and now you are able to add Quantity to your each combination.

    Hope it helps,