How To Use Simpler Urls With Cs-Cart (Beyond Seo Addon)

Hey everyone!

I've got a page on my CS-Cart install which has a custom-created form. I've tried installing and activating the SEO addon and setting it to use the format:


But, no joy. When on the page, I still get the trailing "index.php?dispatch=companies.apply_for_vendor" after my domain name.

The dispatch for the page in the template area is set to: "companies.apply_for_vendor."

I was signed on to this project after these changes were in place, and, I'm new to CS-Cart. My questions are these:

  1. does this dispatch call a custom page, template, or script somewhere?
  2. Where would I find that code in my CS-Cart server?
  3. How do I change this code to ensure that when the page is visited, it goes to something like "mydomainname/apply?"

Please take a look