How to use google CDN for jQuery library

I am trying to optimize me site.

and one thing I am trying is to use the google CDN.

I have edited my scripts.override.tpl to include:

and I tried this:

{script src=""}

as https and http also without the http:// (my base folder gets added in each case)

I can’t seem to get the library loaded correctly… when I use the html script tag I get the correct code on the output page, but it is located after all the other {script tags.

So the main jQuery library is loaded after other parts of the library are loaded and after the js/core.js and js/ajax.js files. This is causing many things not to work.

So can anyone tell me how I can go about forcing this file to load first (I did have it placed in the template before the others :wink: and use the google CDN version.