How to upgrade with a Trial License Key?


I have been using and v2.0.3 and noticed that v2.0.4 is available, but since I only have a trial license key I am unable to upgrade through the admin panel. Is there another way to avoid messing up my site?



Just an FYI,

I’ve been testing for about a week, found a couple of bugs, one was easily fixed, the other(s) I was told would be fixed when 2.0.4 would be released by the sales person in an email. So I figured I would go ahead and go live. Since going live I have found a couple of other problems I need to resolve that I didn’t have in testing that are resolved with the release of v2.0.4. So now I am in a predicament where I need to get my problem resolved quickly.

As far as my license key? Well $300 at this moment is a bit to shell out, and since there is a 60 trial I figured I will wait a couple of more weeks when I will be in a better finical position.

I see some here in this forum don’t like to reply or are just plain rude, to those that are newbies or don’t have an official paid key. Reading such is not good PR for CS-Cart. I am here just like most to either help where I can and get help.