How To Upgrade From 2.2.5 To Latest Version

I have been using 2.2.5 since 2012 and I want to upgrade to the latest version, so I just purchased the Upgrade Subscription two days ago. What should happen next? I check the Upgrade Center on my admin and it says "No upgrades currently available".

You can check these links out

I created a sub-domin, a new MySQL database and a sub-directory in the public_html, extracted the new version files, but when I go to click [install], nothing happens. My PhP version is 5.3.23. What did I miss?

Even though PHP 5.6 is required for the latest versions, I was still able to use PHP 5.3 to install and import. Then after all was said and done, I updated PHP.

Check your server error log for any related errors.

I have this error when I tried to install the new version onto my sub-domain:

(13) Permission denied: .htaccess pcfg_openfile: unable to check htaccess file

Install in a subolder a 436 CS-Cart, donwload the Store Import from marketrplace (onlyworks for 436) do the store import and then upgrade to 438

YOu need at least PHP 536 as is stated in chagnelog for 436 (Version 4.3.6, March 2 2016 - Core: The minimal PHP version was bumped to 5.3.6.)

The error you mention is probably caused by incorrect permissions of the .htaccess file. Make it a 644.

Also very impotant factor the folder permissions. You need to have all root folders 755 or else you get an error during install.

Thats all to it


Set all root folders to 755 does it. Thanks a lot.

Set all root folders to 755 does it. Thanks a lot.


almost every time this does the trick


I had the 4.3.8 installed, but I got an error when I tried to install the Store Import addons, it said maximum version supported is 4.3.6

I got the Store Import started, but it stops after only about five minutes

Last few lines in the log:

Creating table: store_import_buy_together

Creating table: store_import_buy_together_descriptions

Creating table: store_import_cache

Importing data

Importing data

Please help.