How to upgrade from 1.3.5 to 2.2.2 ?

Hello guys

I have a 1.3.5 (sp4) store and I want to upgrade it to 2.2.2 (last stable version at this time). What steps do you recommend?


First do a sanity check :D

This is a pain in the neck to do. Mine threw up so many errors that I started new with 2.2 and imported my users and products.

If you want to do it yourself

First clone your cart and database to a sub directory so you can do a test run

Contact cscart by help desk and and they will give you directions and the files you need.

You use store manager to upgrade to 2.0.8, then instore upgrade to the latest.

Or you can request a quote from cscart to do the upgrade

Or do a order/product/user migration by

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Hello guys

I have a 1.3.5 (sp4) store and I want to upgrade it to 2.2.2 (last stable version at this time). What steps do you recommend?



I know snorocket can do upgrade for a price.

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I know snorocket can do upgrade for a price.


He does great work for us when we need him.

With the help of our host, CS, and this forum, I was able to do it on my own (1.3.4 to 2.2.2). Please don't attempt if you aren't comfortable with how CS works.

But yes, make an identical store so you can test. And backup often. You'll need a few upgrade scripts from CS Helpdesk as you need to do 1.3.5 to 2.x.x incrementally to get 2.2.2, along with a small database upgrade script. I had some errors with php and some tables were a little bit messed up in the process, but it all went ok without any loss of data that I know of, and I like 2.2.2 so far (still not live). I did accept the fact that any customizing of my existing store would be lost, but that was ok for me since I wanted a different look anyway.

If you are not comfortable doing it on your own, there are many here or CS who can do it for you. Or, if you only have a few products, it may be best to start from scratch anyway.

Bottom line is, either way you do it (on your own or have someone else do it), it is highly recommended you make the move as 1.3.x isn't supported by a number of platforms, most importantly newer php. Best wishes, if there is anything we can do to help, just ask.

Hi how about your images do they move over or how dod you get this to work

Yeah, forgot about that, my images were/are quite messed up. I remember there being a step in the database conversion where images go from file to database. Then later in the upgrade the images go back to the database.

They're all there, but in new directories “0” and “1” and other misc directories I didn't put them in, and I also lost the file names. Somewhere in the conversion they got messed up, but again, I did run into some table issues, so you may not have the same result.

Wish I could be of more help. Just letting you know it's possible, albeit not with 100% good results. As long as you are working with a test installation, it can't hurt to try first and see how far you get. Just make backups after every step, and check everything to see how accurately everything is upgrading.

I am still running 1.3.5 v4 and really love it still I have tried the newer version and is really different but the front end really is the same it is all in the backend where most of the changes are and I have thought about it but unless the images were not such an issue I would do it the only option I know off is start over and redo

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Also that picture is a recent one and is clean we were screwing around and my nickname is flasher

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Also that picture is a recent one and is clean we were screwing around and my nickname is flasher


Hi Flasher,

Yes, of course I remember you from previous posts! ;)

I am just saying your site is on the ESET “Potentially Dangerous Content” list for whatever reason, hopefully it is a false positive & you can have them remove it (regardless of the reason, in no way is it good to be on the list!).

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[quote]Also that picture is a recent one and is clean we were screwing around and my nickname is flasher[/quote]

Well, I think your picture is flawless, in no way am I complaining girl! :D

My other posts which I still use is 3 girls and only one is my daughter and other 2 are my nieces so like a game guess which one. But I love doing things that makes me feel very proud of my situation and no matter how bad things are keep a smile.

Thanks Struck for the link.

OK now has anyone come up with a solution on 1.3.5 to 2.2 because I think the only problem is images,the 1.3.5 is still an awesome software to work with and very fast to work around and this is important if anything happens and it is saturday night no support system you need to figure out fast to fix or restore your site. I have an outsite server that backs up every day then on top of that I make a local back up every transaction or sometimes 2 but do it daily and if you do not which has happened to us you will have angry customers with lost orders.

We can edit any file get it back up fast now this new version it is a whole new thing to learn not the front end but all in the back end

We used snorocket for one site, the alt-team for another site and just started from scratch on a third site. All of them went well and we lost links and image locations on all 3 upgrades.

Although I've been doing the CS for a few years now, I decided to pay a few others to help make it smoother. I'm very glad I did!

I did pay someone as well here I can not remember but was 150.00 usd and he started it but something happened and have not heard from him again and I forgot about it as well but for sure I know I could do it but why, it is always better to have it done and may look up a couple people here again

It was me flasher. If I can recall correctly, we updated to 2.2.1 but there were so many bugs in that version that I suggested you just work on how you wanted your site to look and wait for a stable version. Do you still have it on your server? I distinctly remember it being a nightmare to upgrade on your server and ended up doing it on mine.

Yes I remember now and you are correct and you only went as far as you could so maybe we can complete soon and I can pay you again for your time but I remember cscart was running unstabble versions.

How hard would it be to create a script/software to auto convert items like inventory with images over

Since it's been quite a while it may be better to do it all over again. I am sure you have many more orders, customers, products, etc… since we did it.