How To Uninstall And Completely Remove An Previously Applied Addon

I must have asked this a dozen times before but never quite got the definite answer from either CS-Cart themselves or any third party developer but I could be mistaken.

I am in the process of de-activating and uninstalling various third party add-ons we previously used in our CS Cart store.

Now after you uninstalled an add-on the add-on is still access available for installing in the section of the CS Cart store where you can select add-ons to to deactivate and or uninstall / install any add-on. How do I remove an add-on that I uninstalled from this section?



Uninstall them in admin, then In the addons folders on your server downlaod them (in case anything goes wrong) then delete them.

May be wise for you to extract the originals to your desktop so you can see the directory structure to delete from the server.

Our answer is still actual :)

-_- :rolleyes:

Did just that but ... even after cleaning up the files as you mentioned, the particular add-on is still present / visible in the add-on management page.

Oeps... you and I forgot the

app/addons/ADDON/ folder / directory :grin:

Oeps... you and I forgot the

app/addons/ADDON/ folder / directory :grin:

Sorry, we thought that you know about main add-on directory and did not mention it. I have corrected our post just in case