How To Tell Search Engines That My Items Content Is Duplicated


I would like to import whole shops from ETSY to my marketplace with the approval of the shop owners of course.

But so far no one wanted to join becuase every one told me that they don't want their ETSY shop SEO rank to be damaged becasue of duplicated content.

What are my options? can I add a rule that will tell search engines that my entire content is duplicated?

Becuase I've read a google article at google help console that they recommend not to block the bot from indexing the pages.

Should I add a rule of noindex to the entire product pages? and vendors shop page?

I need your help,


If you tell Google your entire content is duplicated then it wont rank you anyway, it will put Etsy first and you will damage your own Marketplace SEO.

Content originality is king,

This add-on allows you to specify custom canonical URLs, take a look.