How To Synchronize Cs Cart Mvp With Other Ecommerce?

Dear people,

It's great that such a forum exists where you can help each other. I was able to find many solutions for many problems here already. Thanks to you all here. I have a question about synchronization options.

I have CS Cart Multivendor Plus (MVP) where sellers (vendors) will sell from my platform. The sellers will have other ecommerce like Woocommerce, lightspeed, Shopify, Prestashop, Magento and so on. I am looking for synchronization possibilities between the ecommerce of the sellers with my CS Cart Multivendor Plus store. The synchronization should be products, product information, orders, stock information and other information between the seller's ecommerce and my CS Cart Multivendor Plus store. So if they sell something from my store it should synchronize in real time with their store.

My questions:

  1. 1. How has other CS Cart Multivendor Plus owners solved this issue for their sellers on their platform?

  1. 2. Do you also use synchronization/integration partners? I mean companies that offer integration/synchronization possibilities? Because I've searched all over the internet and found a lot of integration/synchronization companies, but only 1 offers this possibility for CS Cart Multivendor Plus. Which leaves me no choice but to work with that one company alone. I am testing the sync options of that company now, but it is not easy to use. So I’m struggling with that too.

  1. 3. Does CS Cart Multivendor Plus have a possibility to make synchronization possible with other ecommerce? I couldn't find that information. It is important to say that synchronization addons for just 1 type of ecommerce with my CS Cart Multivendor Plus is no longer an option for me. My experience is that it doesn't work well. It is also inconvenient for a platform to purchase a different synchronization addon for each type of e-commerce. A third party synchronization/integration companypartner is therefore a better choice. They offer many synch options and they do it professionally.

I would like to hear your comments, tips, suggestions and how you solved it for your own platform.

I have no technical background, so please provide a simplified explanation in your comments.

Many thanks in advance for thinking along with me and for all help here.

Thanks and Regards,