How To Stop Form Spam

We get a lot of spam (from eric.jones) via the contact form.
Of course we use Google reCAPTCHA.
How can I fix it? Is there any way to block certain e-mail addresses and / or IP addresses?
I will be grateful for any advice. Thanks.

I experience the same. Have you found any solution?

You can block IPs at .htaccess even whole countries. You can google how to do it

Please make sure that the pages do not have javascript errors. reCaptcha can not work due to this

I experience the same. Have you found any solution?

Hi. I changed reCaptcha v2 to v3 on the form page and so far it seems ok.

Turns out my page had some minor javascript errors that have been corrected now. Also updated to Recaptcha V3. Hope it helps :)

Hi I have also changed captcha from v2 to v3 on the form page. It's working like great

Hi My website is being attacked with fake registrations which come in batches of 60 or so at a time. I have been blocking them as they come in through the cpanel on the company hosting my site.

I have the Google recaptcha installed but the hosting company have said I need to set up stronger settings.

My Techie is away and I am wanting help from someone.

I am not that knowledgeable about all of this or the how-to, as I am a graphic designer and not a web designer :-)

How do I get help that I can afford or is there someone at CS-Cart who can help me gratis?

Just worried that this will grow over the holiday break and become a bigger issue.