How to sort title а the pages in the topic

Hello dear members of the cs-cart forum!

Please help how to sort titles (links) of the news pages in the topic by date of adding?

I have several news topics on my web site. I add allways different news to the topic and I want to show the newest pages first in the list.

Thank you!

This is how it currently works…

Most recent article added will be the first in the list.

If you change the dates in Admin > CMS > News you can re-sort as you like by changing the date.

If you are referring to the “Manage Topics” links there is Pos. this means “Postion” or rather Order of Appearance…the lower number will show the top position.

10 = My Links

20 = My Gallery

30 = My Work

Will show links in this order

My Links

My Gallery

My Work

Thank you!