How To Show Vendor Data In Vendor Store

Dear community,

I would appreciate your help on the following challenge

In the Multistore I would like to display in the Vendor Store section (i.e. per vendor) the details of the Vendor which are entered in the pick up point section esp Address, phone, opening hours - similar to whay is displayed in Google Business if you search for a store in Google.

Yet I have not been able to figure out how to retrieve the info out of the Pickup Point section.

This could be done with an extra block yet I have not found a block , that would contain that info

What I have found is the block "Vendor info" which only displays the email and the delivery adress - which is not filled in my case

Is there a way to edit the blocks?

If you like to take a look - this is the page

many thanks for suggestions on how to get this done




Recently we have released the add-on "Vendor Address". Is it useful for your project?

In case you need any changes in the add-on, please, contact our developer team directly:

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