How to show usergroup level

Hello, anybody know how to show current usergroup level, member or admin in myaccount block?

example: you usergroup level is: admin / member

i tried {$usergroup.$usergroup} in my_account.tpl but it wont show anything. i wonder if anyone had try this before and success

The usergroup(s) to which a customer belongs are shown on the "User groups’ tab in the profile. If you want to show only the usergroups the customer is assigned, uncheck “Allow customer to signup for user group” in General settings.


hmm ic, but as an admin we cant check the usergroup tab right? i just use regular member, and there is a tab next to profile field, but when we’re in admin mode, there is no tab next to profield field, so i cant use design mode to figure out, $usergroup, do you happen to know the $usergroup, i would like to show the $usergroup in the my_account.

anybody here know how to show usergroup level in my_account block