How To Show Some Features Seperate On The Product Page


We want to show two specific features (like video url and documentation) on another place then under the normal productfeature tab on the product page. Thereby the link should be clickable (documentation) or has to be shown as a embedded video (video_url).

Is there a way to make this working with standard cs-cart options?

I was thinking about:

- Creating a extra product feature type (can't find how to)

- Use the fuction of an add-on like Simtech similar feature, whereby it's possible to activate on option on the product feature in the backend, so the products with that feature will be shown in a seperate block.

- Creating a block in the layout grid, whereby we can select a product feature which have to be shown on the product detail page, but it should not be shown at the list of product features. So the product feature has to be set on "Hidden", but it need to be displayed in the custom created block.

I hope there is someone who has a better idea. We are willing to pay for it if it's needed to create a small addon.

You can use the "Show in header on the product details page" feature setting

Thanx for your advice. We checked the feature, but it's not completely working for us. We can use it for the documentation link, but we need to show the video in a seperate block. Is it possible to create a seperate block which is only showing one selected feature?

Yes, it is possible, but not with few lines of code

Ok, is it needed to create an add-on for this? And are you able to make it?

Create a smarty/html block for the 'product detail' page and make it conditional upon their being video content available for that product. I.e.:

{if $product.video_content}
  {include file="my_show_video.tpl" content=$product.video_content}

Note that this is a psuedo-code description. Details depend on how you determine if video is available for the product

Ok, is it needed to create an add-on for this? And are you able to make it?

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