How To Show Products Views


As far as I can see, CS Cart calculates popularity of a product by counting how many times it's viewed. This comes to be a views column in the products table.

Is there a chance to have a report for this? So that the admin could see how many people are viewing which products. And could it also be shown to the users? Say for example you are browsing a product as a customer and at a place in page it says "24 customers viewed this product".

Is that possible, or needs to be coded?

I also wonder if that column holds the view count of all times or is based on a time period.


The admin is already able to see product's popularity on the update product page. Please have a look:

However the popularity calculates not only on the number of views. Here is the constants defined in config.php file:

//Popularity rating
define('POPULARITY_VIEW', 3);
define('POPULARITY_BUY', 10);

In order to show how many times the product has been viewed the additional custom development is required. We can develop such modification for you. Please contact us.

Thanks eComLabs,

Yes individually a product's popularity is shown in its page; while what I asked was seeing it as a "report". Like "most viewed products". Maybe you could say that browsing the popular products will give an idea; but its still not the exact thing.

There is a "views" column in the corresponding database table. So what I understand from your post is; popularity is not equal with "views". By the way I still don't get what those constants you quoted are for.

Is there a way to show how many times product viewed on frontend product details page

+1 for product views on frontend.

Cart Power has an interesting add-on that might give you some of what you want…