How To Setup An Extra Charge For Remote Areas In Australia?

How to setup an extra charge for remote areas in Australia?

I use DHL express only and have a rate setup for all of Australia but some of Australia is in remote areas and I want to charge double my normal shipping rate which is calculated only on the order's total price.

What is the best way to handle this?

Thank you!

How are the remote areas identified, if they have postal codes/zipcodes you can add these as a location and charge extra for that location

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I am waiting to hear back from DHL but I am assume they are zipcodes.

I will look at that page and try an experiment.

If I setup Australia- Outside normal service area

Will I have problems with overlapping with the rest of Australia?

PS I am still impressed with your printing business!


locations cant overlap, but you will probably find they use states or zip codes so should be fine.

eg you can set up australia as one whole location, then set up the remote areas zip codes as the extra charge for those areas.

See you dhl service guide for remote area zip codes.

EG In the uk, we have all uk set as normal just as one locations, then an extra location with zip codes (you can use wild cards for may the same) for place like the Orkney Islands similar to your Tasmania or even remote areas such as Kiwirrkura.

So if I understand you, I stay with the entire country Australia location that I current have with base rates for Australia then add the zip codes for the remote areas which will result in:

For a normal order: Current shipping price

For a remote order Current shipping price plus an extra surcharge (not one larger price)

That will work perhaps better than my original idea of having the remote area shipping amount show up as one large shipping price - this way the customer sees a breakdown of normal price plus the extra amount.

As a side note this subject just came up because of a high price for a costal town one and a half hours from Melbourne which surprised me.

No It would (on my version anyway) show as one larger price, and as for your one and half hour from melbourne, if they are an arse to get to, bridges tolls etc they can be like this.

Most customers in remote areas tend to know they are always charged extra for shipping and expect it.

We missed an area once for excess charge, and only realsied when we started getting lots of orders from that area as they knew we have cocked up on our shipping rates so took advantage.

No one called to tell us :-o

No one has called us either over the years...

I shall experiment with your idea!

Again many thanks!