how to set weight per category

Please, can anyone tell me if it is possible to set a given weight to all products in a category. I have a large database with nearly 4000 products and my supplier is not giving me the info I request: each product’s weight.

So I need to temporarily solve the situation. There could be an easy solution: to set the weight per category, for example, in TV category all products’ weight would be 20 kg.

Is there a way to do this?

Just export the items in that category using the fields product code and weight then edit the weight using Excel or similar and import it back.

thanks, that’s a solution. Iwould have to do it for subcategories also. Another thing I was planning to do is not to set the shipping cost by weight but by final price. It is also not perfect but it is a fix until I have each product’s weight.

Don’t you hate when a dropshipper delays giving you info that’s vital for selling their own products? Some business just do not take care of their resellers. :x

One more question: do you know how I can keep the zeros to the left in a CSV? Some product codes are like 00030675 and in excel they seem to disappear.:confused: