How To Set Up Paypal Properly?


I am user of CS Cart Multi Vendor Ultimate and I built up a marketplace for local food delivery.

I am totally stuck with payment setting. I would like to use PayPal, but Cs Cart support tells me to use "PayPal Adaptive". Unfortunately I am not able to get the proper credentials and I read from others that paypay does not support this service for new users.

PayPal wants people to use "paypal for marketplaces" which on the other side CS Cart team does not recommend.

Result: My project is completely stuck with it and a marketplace without proper payment is worth nothing.

Alternatively tried to set up stripe but this also did not work after spending 2 hours.

Anybody has any experience or solutions?



PayPal is bottle neck in Multi-Vendor. Nobody can set up it properly. But our customers do not have issues with Stripe. What problem did you face?