How To Set Up Parent/ Child Relationships For Products


We have a clothing brick and mortar store and now creating a website. We use quickbooks POS and trying to sync inventory to cs-cart using webgility.

Every listing that we have has variants with different quantities for these variants. I see how to create product variants/ options in cs-cart but can not add quantities to each variant. For example, each size has different quantities.

Furthermore, each child (variant) listing needs to have a different sku/alu number that identifies in the POS.

How does cs-cart handle parent child relations? Can each have its own sku/alu/code? Can each have its own quantities?

Hello MEvans!

You need to build option combinations.

Try to follow these steps:

  1. In the admin back-end on the product editing page choose Inventory - Track with options.
  2. Go to the options tab to create the necessary options and variants (For example Option - Size, Variants - XS, S, M, etc). Don't forget to check the Inventory checkbox when creating an option.
  3. After creating the necessary options in the Options tab you will see two buttons Forbidden combinations and Option combinations.
  4. Click the Option combinations button. And in the top right corner choose Rebuild combinations.
  5. Now you can add quantity and product code for each combination.

    If you have some forbidden combinations, for example, size M is not available in Blue color you can set such combinations after clicking the Forbidden combinations button.

    Hope it helps.

    Best regards, Alt-team

Thanks!!! This is what I been looking for. I knew it could/ should be done but wasn't putting the pieces together.