How to set up new profile creation condition in profiles_info.tpl?

I plan to add a coupon code in the New customer profile notification email, so new registered customer can used it right away when they get welcome message from the store. I was able to add code in mail\profile\profiles_info.tpl, but it showed up on every email customer get, such as profile update email notification. I wonder if there is “$settings” function I can use as a condition. So coupon code only shows up in new profile creation email.

appreciate any tips!

I see that no-one responded and you've probably sorted but… (I haven't tested this)

You could create a new 'hidden' promotion for, say, coupon code 'WELCOMEGIFT' or make it less guessable, and ensure it is single use per customer.

Then in /skins/basic/mail/profiles/create_profile.tpl add your welcome message:

{include file="letter_header.tpl"}
{$lang.dear} {if $user_data.firstname}{$user_data.firstname}{else}{$user_data.user_type|fn_get_user_type_description|lower|escape}{/if},

{$lang.create_profile_notification_header} {if $user_data.company_name}{$user_data.company_name|unescape}{else}{$settings.Company.company_name|unescape}{/if}.

As a welcome gift please use the Voucher Code: WELCOMEGIFT at the checkout to get your one-time introductory blah blah!

{hook name="profiles:create_profile"}
{include file="profiles/profiles_info.tpl" created=true}
{include file="letter_footer.tpl"}