How To Set Up And Install Multi-Vendor On Vps

I am in need of a comprehensive tutorial on how to prepare server settings and install Multi-Vendor on VPS plan. I am a novice about VPS servers.
What should be selected under "Optimized Configurations" for Multi-Vendor Ultimate? These are the VPS configuration options:
Standard Configuration
High performance made easy. This optimized configuration is a faster version of the traditional LAMP stack -- with the same type of development tools you know and love.
WordPress Configuration
Handle up to 10X the traffic with just one click. This configuration is powered by InMotion Hosting's advanced NGINX architecture, comes with automatic caching, and is tailored specifically to increase the speed of your WordPress websites.
PHP Configuration
Serve more visitors and sell more products without crashing or stalling. Designed for PHP applications like Drupal, and shopping carts like Magento, this 1-Click configuration gives you extreme performance at 1/10th the resource usage.